Education for all is a company which organizes educational programs in different areas.

First of all, Barcelona Language College is our language school. We organize language residential programs for all ages (from 6 years to adults) throughout the whole year. We offer language programs, programs for preparing official exams and programs combined with sports, cooking classes and workshops. We also have Gap Year Programs, Au-pair programs and programs for preparing the Spanish university entrance. All these programs included leisure, sport and cultural activities in the afternoon and in the evenings and at the weekends.

Secondly, BAAC area organizes programs for athletes during the whole year combined with language classes and activities in the afternoon/evening and at the weekends. In these programs, the sport training is done in professional facilities and the trainings are in charge of second league professional trainers. We have a collaboration project with two second league football clubs among other top qualified sport facilities.

 Finally, our boarding school is called Boarding School Barcelona. We offer accommodation per students during the academic year. Our goal is to develop student personal and academic profile. Our students can students in British College of Gavá for a British education and in Bel Air School for a French education. Both schools are near the facilities of our boarding school.