Sports – Boarding School Barcelona cooperates closely with majority of the sports club in town, wich also gives a possibility for the boarders to attend the clubs not available directly from the residence, such as horse riding, tennis, motocross, golf, sailing sports, dance clubs and local professional sports training teams.

Language classes – We understand the importance of quick language immersion of all our new students and provide additional language classes in English and Spanish, designed to strengthen the language proficiency of nonnative speakers. Those students who would like to learn the thir language can also benefit from Chinese, German and French Classes.

Catch-up classes – Boarding School Barcelona concers about academic success of its students. Thus, all students, who would like to have additional support from the teacher in this or that area, like biology and maths can receive it from the professional, who will help to facilitate their academic and professional succes at school.

Excursions and trips – We encourage our students to take part in all “non core” activities organized by our coordinators. We offer weekend trips to a vairety of locations, sights, and cultural places outside the school that allow the studetns to experience and share with fellow students new spaces in a fun atmosphere.