A new chapter of your life begins

The Au Pair program gives the opportunity to young people to have a unique experience in Barcelona.

Students can learn and develop their Spanish level at the same time that they live with a Spanish local family. That’s why, the au pair becomes in a member of the family participating in all the activities and daily life of the family.

Host families can experience a wonderful cultural exchange with this program. Parents will have an extra help with the children caring at the same time that their children can learn or improve a second language spending time with the au pair.

Barcelona Language College organizes the whole experience being in charge of the following responsibilities:

–       Spanish Language Program for the au pair during the whole stay

–       Au Pair recruitment process in different English speaking countries

–       Local family recruitment

–       Au pair and family matching process respecting both sides requirements

–       Residence paperwork (Visa, NIE…) which is compulsory and can vary depending on the au pair country

–       A member of Barcelona Language College welcomes the au pairs at the airport and transfers them and introduces them to their host families.

–       During the whole stay, au pairs and families will have a Barcelona language College counselor and coordinator to solve any need or problem.

–       Au pairs have the possibility to obtain the DELE degree

–       Interactive workshops every week

–       Cultural activities during the whole stay


My Au Pair experience is going perfect, I can improve a new language, meet a lot of people from different countries, know about other cultures and enjoy being the big brother of my host kids. But the best part is, definitely, travel around the world, that is amazing!

Raul .

Being an aupair is such an amazing experience. you find yourself while you are away from your comfort zone. it’s a huge opportunity that allows you to live in another country , learn a new language and discover a different culture.

Laura .

My experience as an au pair has been nothing less than positive. The parents have welcomed me into their family as if I have always belonged. from the moment we came into contact. They include me in their family activities and travels. For myself, this experience has molded my personality in the most positive way. I have gained a confidence I never had, nor ever thought could be gained. The children have stolen my heart and I love them very dearly. Watching them grow and learn everyday brings me great joy.  This family has become my family, my Spanish family. I am forever grateful and thankful.

Krista .

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