The mission of Boarding School Barcelona is to grant an optium environment for the development of the stuendts and provide them with a sense of community and a place, where they can learn respect for others. A personal approach and understanding of the capabilities and necessites of each and every student – are the overriding principles of our work.

The residence guarantees a safe an quiet environment in wich to live socialize and make the most of the boarding experience. Boarders are offered comfortable accommodation, healthy food, extracurricular activities and what is more important the personalized support of our devoted staff.

Additional activities designed for the boarders will help them to develops strong relationships with day students and teachers, and to achieve their potential. The estate forms part of the Garraf Community and we celebrate local events and traditional “fiestas” in order to help boarders to immerse in the bright local customs and traditions, and broaden their cultural outlook.

At the residence we help students to organize their time. The boarding lifestyle provides an excellent base to enjoy school and make friends while getting the balance between social life and studies, and succeed in both.